Temperature on Tai Mo Shan recorded at -2.2°C


The winter monsoon is bringing cold weather to the coastal areas of Guangdong. Locally, the minimum temperature recorded at the Observatory this morning was 7.7 degrees, the lowest so far this winter. The current temperature is recorded at 9.9°C with humidity at 55%.

This morning, the temperature in the urban area of ​​Hong Kong dropped to about 8°C, and the temperature in the New Territories dropped to 5°C and 6°C. The observatory recorded a temperature of 9°C and a relative humidity of 63% at 8 am. The strong monsoon signal and cold weather warning are now in effect. The fire hazard warning is red, indicating that the fire hazard is extremely high. At 5am in the morning, the temperature in Tai Mo Shan recorded -2.2°C.

Under the influence of the winter monsoon and its replenishment, the cold weather over Guangdong is expected to persist until midweek next week. Besides, under the influence of a dry continental airstream, the weather will become fine over the region early next week.

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) reminded the public, particularly the elderly and people with chronic illnesses, to adopt appropriate measures to protect their health in view of the cold weather.

  A spokesman for the CHP said that cold weather can easily trigger or exacerbate diseases, especially among the elderly and persons suffering from heart disease, respiratory illness or other chronic illness.

The Labour Department reminds employers that as the Cold Weather Warning is in force, they should take appropriate precautions such as reminding employees who have to work outdoors or in remote areas to wear appropriately warm clothing, and make arrangements for employees to rotate from outdoor to indoor or sheltered work sites as far as possible. Employees should take note of the weather report, wear appropriately warm clothing and be mindful of their health conditions. They should notify their supervisors and seek medical help immediately if feeling unwell, such as having cold limbs and body shivering.

Hong Kong Observatory