Teenager assaulted in West Kowloon by others in West Kowloon attacked again at Lai Kok Estate in Sham Shui Po on the same day

Lai Kok Estate

26th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) A 15-year-old teenager was suspected of offending another group of teenagers of the same age in West Kowloon yesterday before being assaulted. At around 8pm, he met up with 2 other friends at Lai Kok Estate in Sham Shui Po to discuss whether he should report to police and unfortunately, 2 of the assailants happened to walk past them. The two then summoned another 10 teenagers and they used sticks from nearby as weapons to assault the victim and his two friends. The suspects then fled the scene. Police received the report and arrived at the scene.They immediately arranged for the two injured teenagers to be sent to the hospital for treatment, and took the other uninjured victim back to the police station for investigation. The case is temporarily classified as “assault causing actual bodily injury”, and no one has been arrested for the time being.