Tear gas rounds and pepper spray deployed at Sheung Tak Estate, several protesters arrested


8th January 2020 – (Hong Kong) Around 500 protesters gathered at Sheung Tak Parking Garage to commemorate the passing of the 22-year-old student, Alex Chow from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) who fell from the car park and died during police clearance exactly two months ago.

They shoted anti-slogans and occupied the road in front. At 9.50pm, around 30 protesters clad in black used some furniture to block Tong Ming Street before barricading Tong Chun Street. Riot police subsequently arrived to remove the barricades at 10.14pm.

Blue flag was hoisted at 10.20pm and the protesters were warned to disperse immediately. At 10.23pm, a protester hurled a bottle of unidentified liquid at riot police. In retaliation, police hoisted black flag and deployed tear gas rounds. Some rioters used bricks to barricade the junction of the road. At 10.40pm, riot police deployed pepper spray and arrested several protesters at Sheung Tak Estate.