Teacher of Catholic Mission School shows ‘Five Demands, not one less’ hand gesture during photo session with graduates


4th July 2020 – (Hong Kong) A Primary 6 deputy supervisor of the Catholic Mission School in the Central and Western District raised her hands to show “Five demands, not one less” during a photo session with graduates.

The school confirmed that the person in the school is the teacher of the school and expressed that no teaching staff should make personal political expressions in the school. It is understood that some parents wrote to the Secretary of Education Kevin Yeung, the principal and the supervisor yesterday (3rd), urging a thorough investigation of this matter and returning students to a healthy learning environment.

After the teacher made a political gesture during the photo session of graduation, the school said that the incident is still under investigation. If any teacher’s performance in the school is not professional, the school will deal with it according to the teacher’s professional ethics code and submit the relevant report to the school. The school stated that the school upholds the philosophy and value of Catholic education, takes care of the whole-person development of students, and establishes a stable and safe learning environment for the growth of children.

The school also said that students’ school life should focus on daily curriculum learning. At present, the school is not a suitable platform to discuss complicated political events in society. The Education Bureau stated that it had contacted the school concerned for investigation and follow-up. After receiving complaints about the teacher’s alleged violations of professional conduct, the Bureau would investigate in accordance with established procedures and a prudent attitude, and follow up on the teacher’s alleged misconduct in accordance with objective facts.