Taxi loses control, crashes into Water-filled barrier on Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Shun Lung Road

17th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port Artificial Island witnessed a startling incident today (17th) at 12:49 PM when a taxi from the New Territories lost control while attempting to change lanes, crashing directly into the water-filled barrier on the median. Dashcam footage captured the sequence of events, showing the green taxi initially driving along the left lane towards the immigration building but inexplicably veering out of control and colliding with the water-filled barrier in the middle of the road. Subsequently, the vehicle came to a halt in the right lane heading towards the vehicle clearance plaza. The impact caused the barrier to burst open, creating a spectacular spray of water. The driver of the taxi stopped afterward, but it is suspected that they did not exit the vehicle. Concerned passersby reported the incident, prompting the arrival of emergency medical services. By the time the paramedics reached the scene, the driver had already left the vehicle and was found to be uninjured. The police are currently investigating the cause of the accident.

In a video circulating online, the green taxi can be seen transitioning from the left lane to the right lane before colliding with the water-filled barrier. The force of the impact caused the barrier to rupture, resulting in a dramatic display of splashing water. The exact circumstances leading to the taxi’s loss of control are yet to be determined, and authorities are examining the incident to determine the underlying cause.