Taxi industry applies for increase in flag-fall charge by an additional HK$6


24th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) Permanent President of Taxi Dealers and Owners Association Ng Kwansing  said on a radio program this morning (24th) that the industry plans to apply to the Transport Department for a fare increase in a short period of time. The initial plan is to increase the flag-fall charge by an additional HK$6, which will be implemented in stages in next two years, and the increase will be increased for short, medium and long distances. There may be differences in fare increase, and the increase and details are still being discussed.

Ng said that the industry applied to the government for a price increase five years ago, but it was not approved until July this year, and the approved increase was only half of the application. The industry is also affected by inflation and rising fuel costs. In addition, insurance premiums also account for more than 40% of drivers’ income, hence, the increase is described as as a laggard. In addition, the fuel subsidy issued under the “Anti-epidemic Fund” will expire at the end of next month. With the delayed restoration of comprehensive border reopening with the Mainland, the industry believes that there is a need for a fare increase. It is hoped that the government can speed up the review of fare increase applications within one year this time.

In July this year, the flag-fall charge  of the red taxis in the urban area was increased to HK$27 while the flag-fall charge for the green taxis in the New Territories was increased to HK$23.5 while the flag-fall charge for Lantau blue taxis was increased to HK$22.