Taxi driver successfully stops a phone scam involving elderly woman in Sau Mau Ping, 2 triad members arrested


10th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) A taxi driver picked up a 49-year-old passenger from MTR Ngau Tau Kok Station and overheard his phone conversation with his accomplice. He realised that the passenger was a mobile phone scammer. After dropping off the scammer to meet an elderly woman on Chun Wah Road, the driver did not leave immediately. He witnessed the entire process of the handover of cash by the elderly woman before he acted decisively and called the police immediately. The suspect’s accomplice, Lam, a 39-year-old local man was also present.

The two scammers with a triad background were subsequently arrested by the police and the stolen cash was recovered, successfully preventing a deception from happening. On 7th December, the police received a report saying that an 81-year-old woman in Tuen Mun was involved in a “guess who I am” phone scam. The scammer pretended to be his grandson and falsely claimed that he needed a bail because he was arrested by the police. In the end, the woman went to Chun Wah Road in Sau Mau Ping, and handed over HK$7,000 in cash to two scammers. Police also recovered 5 mobile phones. Both of them were arrested for obtaining property by deception and they were released on bail. Both of them must report to police in January next year.