Taxi driver in Sai Ying Pun found unconscious and pronounced dead

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18th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A 58-year-old taxi driver surnamed Tsung was discovered unconscious inside his vehicle this afternoon (18th) and was rushed to the hospital for treatment, but unfortunately, he could not be revived. His son revealed that his father had been hospitalised last year due to high blood pressure. Additionally, two close acquaintances had also suffered sudden deaths while driving taxis. As a result, Mr. Tsung began prioritising his health, engaging in daily jogging and adopting a lighter diet, leading to a significant weight loss of at least 10 kilograms. However, his efforts were in vain as he suddenly fell into a coma in his car this morning.

According to his son, Mr. Tsung did not reach out to his family for help during the incident, causing great concern and worry. Tsung had been divorced approximately seven years ago and has two children. Described as an amiable and kind-hearted individual, he maintained good relationships with others and rarely had conflicts. He had been working as a taxi driver for over a decade, typically working six days a week with only Sundays off. However, since experiencing the unexplained collapse and subsequent hospitalization last year, Tsung was diagnosed with hypertension and required medication for control. After his discharge, he reduced his working hours, occasionally taking breaks of two to four days between shifts.

The motivation for Tsung’s newfound focus on health stemmed from the unfortunate experiences of his friends and relatives. It was discovered that both his brother and a friend had suffered sudden deaths while driving taxis. Consequently, Tsung decided to improve his lifestyle habits, engage in daily running, adopt a healthier diet, and gradually regain his physical well-being.

According to his son’s account, Tsung experienced discomfort due to high blood pressure during his shift this morning. Consequently, he parked the taxi by the roadside and subsequently lost consciousness. Passersby reported the incident, but by the time rescue personnel arrived, Tsung had already stopped breathing and had no pulse. It is notable that he did not reach out to his family for assistance during this critical moment.

The incident occurred around noon today (18th) at 390 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, where Tsung’s taxi was parked. Upon discovering him unresponsive, emergency responders transported him to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment, but unfortunately, he could not be saved. It is worth mentioning that Tsung’s brother, while driving a taxi on Ventris Road in Happy Valley in 2017, lost control and collided with two parked vehicles. He was also pronounced dead after being hospitalized. Records indicate that Tsung’s brother had a history of high blood pressure, and authorities did not rule out the possibility of his death being caused by a medical emergency while driving.