Taxi driver charges drunk female passenger cleaning cost of HK$500 who vomits in car


A drunk female passenger took a taxi from TST to Kam Tin early morning yesterday and threw up all over the back seat before the driver managed to give her a plastic bag.

She kept apologising for messing up the car interior and the driver then gave her water and toilet roll to clean up.

Her fare cost around HK$230 but she only paid HK$300 in total to cover the fare and cleaning fee. After that, taxi driver requested for additional HK$500 as standard cleaning fee. She then turned hostile and said this was not the first time she vomited. She then gave an additional HK$450 and slammed the door once she got off the car.

The taxi driver took a long time to get rid of the stench and cleaned the interior.

How much should a taxi driver charge for cleaning?

The Hong Kong Transport Department does not specify the fee taxi drivers can charge if you vomit in the car. It is definitely the responsibility of passengers to ensure that they do not damage or make a mess of the passengers’ seat during the journey but in the event of a mishap like the above, would HK$500 be a reasonable fee levied by the taxi driver? Perhaps it is time for the Transport Department to look into standardising the cleaning fee to avoid disagreements between taxi drivers and passengers.