Taxi driver causes uproar transporting excessive takeaway orders despite recent fare increase


26th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A photograph of a taxi driver cramming his vehicle’s boot with an overwhelming amount of takeaway food has gone viral on social media, drawing widespread criticism. The incident has further intensified public dissatisfaction following the recent approval of a taxi fare increase.

Netizens were quick to express their outrage and disbelief at the photo, Some questioned the motive behind circulating an outdated image, suggesting that certain actions, such as illegal parking and refusal to pick up passengers, should be criticised instead. Another netizen humorously speculated that the taxi driver might have received a customer request to transport a large meal. Others, brought attention to the challenges faced by colleagues working in remote locations, who need to seek permission from judgmental netizens even when buying meals. The comments section also featured discussions about the possibility of taxi drivers delivering takeaway orders and the practicality of ordering food for construction sites.

Critics argue that the excessive amount of takeaway food being transported raises concerns about food safety and waste. Some internet users, expressed frustration with those who complain without understanding the difficulties faced by individuals trying to make a living. One netizen praised the hardworking nature of Hong Kong people, highlighting their willingness to endure and appreciate any job opportunity that comes their way.

The recent taxi fare increase, approved by the Hong Kong government, has added an extra HK$2 to the starting fares for urban, New Territories, and Lantau taxis. The incremental charges for distance traveled and waiting times have also been adjusted accordingly. While this increase places a heavier financial burden on consumers, taxi drivers feel that their request for a larger fare raise was not adequately addressed. Some consumers, however, question whether the quality of service provided by taxi drivers justifies the raised charges