Taxi driver causes uproar by driving into pedestrian tunnel in Yuen Long


29th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A video shared by a Yuen Long resident on social media shows a taxi driver driving his vehicle into a pedestrian tunnel, quickly attracting online attention and sparking public outrage towards the driver’s actions.

The incident took place during the night, as depicted in the 37-second video. The taxi was parked on the pedestrian path in front of a tunnel in Yuen Long. The resident, who filmed the incident, can be heard berating the driver, exclaiming, “You’re driving into a pedestrian tunnel, you [expletive]! This is Yuen Long, do you even know where you are?” The driver repeatedly apologized, admitting his lack of familiarity with the area, saying, “I’m sorry, I don’t know the way. It’s my mistake.” However, the resident continued to verbally attack the driver, questioning his competence and license, emphasizing the inappropriateness of driving into a pedestrian tunnel.

Throughout the exchange, the driver pleaded for forgiveness from inside the vehicle, saying, “I’m sorry! Please let me go. I really didn’t know. It was the navigation app’s fault.” Undeterred, the resident warned the driver to be cautious in the future when entering Yuen Long, making it clear that further confrontation would be inevitable if such incidents were to occur again.

The video concludes as the driver closes the car window, ending the interaction between the two individuals.

The footage quickly ignited a heated debate among netizens. Some condemned the taxi driver’s actions, calling for his license to be suspended and legal consequences to be imposed. They deemed it unacceptable for a vehicle to enter a pedestrian tunnel. However, others displayed empathy towards the driver, considering his age and lack of familiarity with the area. They suggested offering assistance and ensuring his safe departure from the tunnel rather than engaging in public humiliation.