Taxi driver and female passenger die in fatal crash in Sha Tin after colliding with another truck, 3 others severely injured


14th February 2020 – (Hong Kong) A 27-year-old taxi driver who were fetching 2 males and 1 female passenger crashed with a truck at the junction of Yuen Wo Road and Fo Tan Road in Sha Tin at around 3am today. Both vehicles rammed onto the pedestrian pavement. The taxi driver and 3 passengers sustained severe injuries.

Firemen had to use an electric saw to cut open the top of the taxi to evacuate the driver and the passengers. The 4 of them were sent to hospital together with the truck driver. Both the taxi driver and the 30-year-old female passenger were pronounced deceased while the other three were in serious and stable conditions. The taxi driver was certified dead at 4.15am while the female passenger was pronounced deceased at 7.36pm today.