Taxi driver admits manslaughter in fatal Tai Po accident, receives 8-year prison term and lifetime driving ban


22nd February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A fatal car accident on Kwong Fuk Road in Tai Po resulted in multiple injuries and casualties in 2021. The taxi driver involved in the accident was suspected of running a red light and colliding with a safety island, causing significant harm to several individuals. At the scene, bystanders joined forces to lift the vehicle and rescue the injured, but unfortunately, the incident led to the deaths of two people and left four others severely injured.

The defendant, Mok Pui-wa (66 years old), recently pleaded guilty to six charges, including two counts of manslaughter and four counts of dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm. In the High Court sentencing today, the judge described the case as tragic, unsettling, and shocking. The driver was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment and a lifetime driving ban.

Mok Pui-wa admitted to the charges of causing the deaths of two individuals and causing severe bodily harm to four others due to dangerous driving on Kwong Fuk Road in Tai Po on 22nd August, 2021.

According to the case details, at around 11am on the day of the incident, the defendant was driving the taxi in the westbound lane, following a private car and another taxi. Without stopping at the pedestrian crossing, the defendant accelerated and made a right turn, crossing both vehicles before cutting into the eastbound lane. The defendant continued to drive at a speed of approximately 50 kilometres per hour. Ultimately, the taxi collided with a safety island and nearby pedestrians, resulting in two fatalities and four injuries.

One of the victims, Cheng, was pronounced dead at the scene. The autopsy report indicated that his brain tissue had been forced out of the cranial cavity, and his chest and spleen were damaged. The other victim, Song, was taken to the hospital but succumbed to her injuries the following day. The autopsy report revealed injuries to her head, chest, and spine. Both individuals suffered multiple injuries as the cause of their deaths.

The four injured individuals sustained various injuries, including cerebral haemorrhage and fractures in different parts of their bodies. Among them, Ng Mei-fong was pregnant at the time of the accident. She suffered skull fractures and a cerebral haemorrhage. In January 2022, she gave birth to her child.