Taxi driver abruptly leaves after passenger’s rude response to destination inquiry


2nd December 2023 – (Hong Kong) A taxi driver took to social media to recount an encounter that left him fuming. As he was preparing to end his shift, a young woman approached him and asked, “Are you going?” In response, the driver politely inquired about her destination, intending to accommodate her if it was on his way. However, to his surprise, the passenger replied with a disrespectful remark, leaving him seething with anger. In a retaliatory move, the driver promptly retorted, “Fine, I’m ending my shift. Take your time.”

The taxi driver shared his exasperating experience on a Facebook group detailing how, after dropping off a passenger in the heart of Mong Kok, he had already displayed the “Out of Service” sign on his cab, signalling his intention to finish work for the day. It was at this moment that the young woman approached him and asked if he was available. Initially, he thought of accommodating her since it was along his route, so he asked about her destination. However, her unexpected reply, “I’m not going anywhere with you!” caught him off guard and filled him with indignation. In a swift response, he stood his ground, expressing his displeasure by saying, “That’s it, I’m ending my shift. Take your time.”

The taxi driver’s account of the incident ignited a fervent discussion among netizens and experts in the taxi industry. Many agreed that encounters with such disrespectful passengers, were exasperating. Some commented, “Nowadays, it’s better not to ask at all. Ending the shift early is preferable,” while others remarked, “Why bother engaging in a conversation with rude passengers like that?” One individual suggested that the driver, in future situations, should inquire about the destination in a more courteous manner, saying, “Next time, you could try saying, ‘I’m about to finish my shift. Where are you going, and if it’s on the way, I can take you.'”

Amidst the discussions, some netizens raised scepticism about the incident, questioning the credibility of the driver’s account. They found it contradictory that the passenger would initiate the conversation by asking, “Are you going?” only to respond with “I’m not going anywhere with you.” Such contradictions led to doubts regarding the authenticity of the narrative.