Taxi departs abruptly with betting slips and newspapers, leaving two horse racing fans in hilarious shock


4th March 2024 – (Hong Kong) A pair of middle-aged men, engrossed in their pre-race rituals, found themselves the unwitting stars of a viral video. The men had set up an impromptu desk at the rear of a stationary taxi outside the HKJC betting branch on Wan Fung Street in Wong Tai Sin, meticulously combing through horse racing guides and marking their betting slips with the focus of seasoned punters.

What seemed to be a scene of ordinary city life took a humorous turn when, without warning, the taxi driver pulled away, scattering some of their racing guides to the wind and unwittingly making off with a stack of their betting slips.

The footage, which offers a candid glimpse into the local horse betting culture, was shared on a local Facebook group. While the exact date and time of the incident are not specified, it is believed to have been shot on a racing day due to the presence of a crowd gathered at the betting station.

The video shows how, on race days, enthusiasts traditionally gather outside betting stations, diving deep into race analytics. The two men seen in the video were so absorbed in their studies that they failed to notice the taxi’s engine coming to life before it drove off. Their reaction, a mix of surprise and dismay, as they clutched at their remaining papers, was met with a wave of amusement online.