Task Force led by Financial Secretary on promoting and branding Hong Kong set up

Paul Chan

27th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Government today (January 27) announced the setting up of the Task Force on Promoting and Branding Hong Kong to focus on devising narratives for the new situation, new potentials and new opportunities in Hong Kong under its new development stage. Through appropriately tapping the views of the market and stakeholders, as well as direct communication and public relations promotion, the Task Force aims to allow friends and stakeholders in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas regions to have a more comprehensive understanding of Hong Kong’s advantages and opportunities so that the city’s edges can be fully known, understood and recognised.
The Task Force, led by the Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, will advise the Government on the overall strategy of promoting Hong Kong’s advantages, and a series of promotional plans and activities overseas and in the Mainland. With concerted efforts of Hong Kong Inc. partner organisations and members, the Task Force would tell good stories of Hong Kong to raise the city’s international profile and enhance its branding and image so that all parties can better understand Hong Kong’s advantages, potential and opportunities.
Mr Chan said, “After undergoing three years of the pandemic, our community has returned to normalcy rapidly, and now is the time for us to take the initiative to proactively promote Hong Kong. With the development in the past few years, Hong Kong has embraced many positive changes, and its positioning has become clearer. However, people outside Hong Kong may not be aware of the new opportunities brought by these changes, and some of them might still have negative perceptions of Hong Kong since they might not understand the city’s situation. With the resumption of convenient cross-boundary movement, we must go all out to promote Hong Kong’s new potentials and opportunities at full steam. Meanwhile, the Government is planning a series of events, one after another, with a view to enhancing promotion of Hong Kong in overseas regions and in the Mainland.
 “The Task Force comprises prominent individuals with diverse background, as well as representatives of Hong Kong Inc. partner organisations. I am confident that with their valuable advice and support, the Government will be able to maximise the impact of its publicity efforts both in the Mainland and overseas, presenting more effectively to the world the vibrancy of our city and the unlimited opportunities we offer.”
Membership of the Task Force is as follows:

The Financial Secretary
Official members

Deputy Financial Secretary
Deputy Secretary for Justice
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs
Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism
Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury
Secretary for Health
Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry
Secretary for Transport and Logistics
Director-General of Investment Promotion
Director of Information Services
Non-official members

Mr Samir Assaf
Mr Peter Burnett
Mr Ronnie Chan
Professor Tony Chan Fan-cheong
Dr Sunny Chai Ngai-chiu
Dr Adrian Cheng Chi-kong
Ms Mabel Cheung Yuen-ting
Mr Victor Chu Lap-lik
Mr Frederik Gollob
Mr Johannes Hack
Dr Karl Kwok Chi-leung
Dr Peter Lam Kin-ngok
Mr Steve Leung Chi-tien
Mr Li Ruigang
Mr Eric Li
Mr David Liao
Ms Amy Lo Choi-wan
Ms Tammy Tam
Ms Winnie Tam Wan-chi
Dr Eden Woon Yi-teng
Mrs Betty Yuen So Siu-mai
Dr Allan Zeman
Hong Kong Inc. Partner Organisations

Airport Authority Hong Kong
Financial Services Development Council
Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Hong Kong Productivity Council
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Hong Kong Tourism Board
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Insurance Authority
MTR Corporation Limited
University Grants Committee