Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom wins child visitation rights, ex-wife in contempt of court


    7th July 2022 – (Hong Kong) After the divorce of mandopop singer Wang Leehom and Li Jinglei, the lawsuit is still being carried out in a low-key manner. Some netizens found that the divorce case between the two in New York has made new progress. Li Jinglei was found in contempt of court. The judge issued an order on 1st July and enforced Wang Leehom’s motion for child visitation. Li Lianglei has received the decree on 6th July. Since there is no room for negotiation between the two parties, the case is still in progress. It is known that the New York court has approved two motions before, approving Wang Leehom’s application for compulsory execution of visitation rights. An interim judgment was made earlier before the formal judgment now. The third motion was the motion for contempt of court filed by Wang.

    The judge approved the motion, so Li Jinglei should be fined. At present, both of them have become very low profile as they are concerned that public opinion will affect the lawsuit. It is said that after the divorce, Wang Leehom has never been able to see his children.