Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom announces temporary retirement from entertainment industry after ex-wife’s rebuttal


    20th December 2021 – (Taipei) Wang Leehom, top singer of mandopop in Taiwan, announced on Wednesday (15th) that he and his wife, Lee Jinglei have filed for divorce. Lee then unleashed a nine-page tirade on Instagram on Friday evening that covered multiple aspects of their relationship in intimate detail. In the post, she lamented that if she had known beforehand that he wanted to live a “single life” she would never have married him and given birth to his three child. Wang finally responded yesterday night (19th), saying that he was living in fear during his marriage and was facing constant extortion. He claimed to be never unfaithful to his wife. Lee also demanded nearly 880 million New Taiwan dollars (250 million Hong Kong dollars) for alimony, and finally agreed on a figure of 660 million Taiwan dollars (about 180 million Hong Kong dollars).

    Lee immediately made another five-point statement late in the morning today slamming Wang Leehom. She emphasised that she did not ask for alimony, and she also exposed the evidence that she waived the alimony statement. As for the houses and investments in Los Angeles, she bluntly said: “Please don’t try to confuse the audience. The screenshot clearly says: the “PARTIE’S” own (Los Angeles real estate) + “JOINT” investment account (stock investment account) are the already the original properties under the names of both parties and they are not the properties that you want to give to me because of the divorce. These expenses are the distribution of the benefits that we have worked together before, and have nothing to do with this divorce. “Then Lee said “The only expenses mentioned are indeed as I stated. Only the children’s “living and education expenses” and the existing staff should not be dismissed (and your willingness to let me live in a house in Taiwan for 18 years before returning). Don’t try to confuse the audience! The cost is just as I stated.”

    In addition, she also reminded Wang about his infidelities and said he has forgotten that they have common friends who could be witnesses.

    Jinglei shows the more clauses from the agreement they signed.

    About an hour later, Wang Leehom finally apologised to Lee. He posted on social media and said men should still take all the responsibilities. “I will no longer give any explanations or excuses, failing to manage a good marriage, causing trouble to my family, and failing to give the public the image that an idol should have, it is all my fault and I solemnly apologise to Lee, my children and my parents. Since we have filed for divorce, arguing about the past is no longer meaningful. From now on, I will pay attention to my words and deeds, and assume the responsibilities of a father, son, and public figure, and to take care of Lee and the children as much as possible.

    I am going to quit work temporarily to spare time to accompany my parents and children to make up for the damage caused by this turmoil. Lee, we still have to take care of and raise three children together. I will take care of the house you live in and transfer the ownership to your name. I will also bear the cost of the children’s parenting and education. I must be the main reason for the mishandling of this matter. I apologise again to everyone.”