Taiwanese singer Show Lo flaunts wealth with a sneaker collection of over 7,000 pairs

    Show Lo

    27th May 2024 – (Taipei) Taiwanese dancer and singer Show Lo, also known as “Xiao Zhu,” has always been a fashion icon. Not only does he own a fashion brand, but he also frequently showcases his collection of designer clothing and accessories on social media. Recently, he once again displayed his affluence by unexpectedly taking a selfie in front of his shoe cabinet at home. Revealing just a glimpse of his vast sneaker collection, he proudly declared, “You can never have too many shoes, except if I don’t have them.”

    This extravagant display earned him the title of “Shoe King” bestowed upon him by his fans. When asked about the number of shoes he owns, he candidly replied, “I should have surpassed 7,000 pairs from the past until now. However, I have also given some away as gifts and donated others to schools in remote areas for students to wear.” Interestingly, his former partner, Grace Chow, had also sparked controversy in the past by showcasing her 30-tier shoe rack. Nevertheless, in comparison, SHow Lo’s collection seems relatively modest.