Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai loses around 300,000 fans on her Weibo account after failing to join “One China” post

    Jolin Tsai


    11th August 2022 – (Taipei) According to 8days.sg, many celebrities were affected by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s official visit to Taiwan on 2nd August.

    First there was a list on Weibo calling out celebrities not from China, including JJ Lin and Stefanie Sun, for not sharing the One China post on their personal Weibo accounts. 

    Next, Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien was slammed for posting pics of herself eating pasta (‘cos pasta is Italian and so is Nancy Pelosi).

    Then, ex-Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan was dropped by his own fashion brand after asking fans if they prefer Taiwanese or American breakfast on Facebook.

    And now, 41-year-old Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai has joined the list.

    The backlash started after China Central Television (CCTV) News took down its 4th August post promoting the music radio show “Shi Jian De Ge” and calling the 41-year-old singer’s hit song “Womxnly” a “solace for the youth.”

    However, fans soon noticed that the post was removed. Many then speculated that it was because Jolin has yet to share the “One China” post on her personal Weibo account.  Some netizens later realised that Jolin’s Weibo follower count fell by 300K — from 43 million to 42.73 million  as of 8th August.