Taiwanese singer Jay Chou’s wife Hannah Quinlivan faces challenges with her self-owned fashion brand


    28th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Taiwanese singer Jay Chou’s wife, Hannah Quinlivan, has encountered setbacks with her self-founded fashion brand, which she established in 2018. Taking on the role of creative director herself, Quinlivan has been actively involved in every aspect of the brand, even organizing fashion shows in New York to showcase her designs. The brand aims to cater to customers of all ages and personalities, offering a wide range of styles, including elegant, individualistic, and casual wear. In addition, Quinlivan has been actively promoting her brand through social media, frequently sharing diverse clothing styles to attract new customers.

    However, concerns have arisen regarding the current state of the brand. Last year during the popular “Double 11” shopping festival in November 2023, Quinlivan collaborated with model Zhao Dai to shoot promotional photos. Since 19th November, however, there have been no updates on the brand’s social media platforms, and eagle-eyed fans have noticed a lack of new product releases. Instead, there seems to be a continuous effort to clear existing inventory. Furthermore, the official website of the brand is currently inaccessible, raising further questions about the brand’s situation.

    Notably, the brand faced controversy in 2021 when a shoulder-baring dress released by Quinlivan’s label bore a striking resemblance to a design by a well-known fashion brand in Paris from 2019. Quinlivan clarified that the product was an extension of a previous collection, hence the similarity in fabric choice, but the incident caused misunderstandings and accusations of plagiarism. Quinlivan’s manager responded to inquiries about the brand’s closure, stating, “The official website is currently undergoing reorganization and planning, with new clothing expected to be launched in the summer. Stay tuned!”

    Apart from the struggles faced by her fashion brand, Quinlivan also operated a pet café named “Machi” since 2016. However, it was announced in 2019 that the café would temporarily close due to lease expiration and operational adjustments. In contrast, her line of contact lenses has received positive reviews from customers and even gained the endorsement of her husband, Jay Chou.