Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao shows scars on her face after being attacked by her pet dog


    12th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) 41-year-old Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao was reported earlier that she was bitten by a dog and was hospitalised for about 2 months. Today, she finally took a selfie and was disfigured with scars. She admitted that she was bitten by her adopted pet dog at home, but she did not blame the dog, because the dog had been abused by the previous owner.

    She pointed out that some of the cells on her face became necrotic and she is still recuperating.

    Hsiao was recognised as one of four of the most popular female singers in the Chinese music scene among her contemporaries. As a result, she has also been brand ambassadors to various brand names such as MotorolaSpriteDe BeersAvonPantene and Ford. Hsiao was named one of Taiwan’s top earning singers in 2014, with more than US$18 million earned.