Taiwanese singer Annie Yi, at 55, defies age alongside son in public stroll


    23rd February 2024 – (Shanghai) In an industry where youth is often the currency of stardom, 55-year-old Taiwanese singer and actress Annie Yi has carved a unique space for herself in mainland China’s entertainment landscape. Yi, known for her recent splash in the reality show “Sisters Who Make Waves,” has been stirring interest with her latest personal revelations.

    The vivacious artist, formerly married to Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu with whom she shares a son, Harrison Yu, has recently been spotted in a public display of affection with her son, which onlookers described as reminiscent of a couple’s stroll. This heartwarming mother-son relationship extends beyond public appearances, with Harrison reportedly cooking up surprises for his mother, rekindling the youthful exuberance within Yi.

    Annie Yi and her son, Harrison Yu.

    Married since 2015 to actor Qin Hao, who is a decade her junior, Yi is also a mother to a daughter. The family is often portrayed in the press as harmonious and warm, a stark contrast to the often tumultuous personal lives associated with celebrity.

    In a strategic move that mirrors the nurturing nature of her motherhood, Yi has taken to social media platform Xiaohongshu to announce her son’s impending foray into social media. This revelation came on the eve of Harrison’s birthday, signalling a potential path into the entertainment industry. Yi’s excitement is palpable, as she ushers in a new era for her son, all while enjoying a resurgence in her own career.