Taiwanese show support for Ukraine with personalised signatures on artillery shells


6th June 2023 – (Taipei) Some Taiwanese citizens are showing their support for Ukraine by making donations in exchange for personalized signatures on artillery shells used by Ukrainian artillery teams. The donation campaign was started by a Ukrainian veteran based in Poland who goes by the Twitter handle Nikita. The public can donate $50 USD (NT$1,500) via the Ukrainian bank Monobank to have their name signed on an artillery shell.

Taiwanese citizens who are unable to wire funds to Monobank can contact Lai Cheney-wei, a former chemistry professional and war analysis blogger in Taiwan, via Twitter or Facebook to use one of three alternative methods to send donations: cryptocurrency, PayPal, or direct deposit to his bank account.

The donation campaign and personalised signatures on shells have sparked controversy and criticism, with some people questioning the ethics of glorifying war and violence. However, supporters argue that the campaign is a way to show solidarity with Ukraine in its conflict with Russia and to express support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.