Taiwanese rock band Mayday accused of lip-syncing during Shanghai concert


    4th December 2023 – (Shanghai) The Taiwanese rock band, Mayday, finds itself at the centre of a controversy over claims of lip-syncing during a recent concert in Shanghai, China. The allegations surfaced after an analysis of their performance was posted by a social media influencer on Bilibili, a popular video-sharing platform.

    The influencer scrutinised the vocals from 12 songs recorded by a fan during the band’s concert on November 16. He utilised music analysis software to compare the vocals and claimed that Ashin, Mayday’s lead singer, lip-synced at least five songs during the three-hour concert.

    Furthermore, the influencer pointed out significant variations in the quality of singing within the same song, swinging between out of tune and suddenly in tune. He contends that such a stark deviation in vocal quality is improbable within a single concert.

    The claims incited widespread debate and quickly climbed to the top trending topics on Chinese social media over the weekend.

    On Monday, Mayday’s management company issued a statement vehemently denying any allegations of lip-syncing.

    The band, which held eight concerts in Shanghai last month, attracted audiences exceeding 360,000. The ticket prices ranged from 355 yuan to a high of 1,855 yuan for the top-tier seats.

    In response to the allegations, the Shanghai cultural and tourism authorities stated they would investigate the matter. However, given that the concert has concluded, they cautioned that the probe may take some time.

    Meanwhile, Beijing’s cultural market law enforcement stated they would “make a judgement according to the situation they recorded” and will publicly announce any follow-up action.