Taiwanese pop star Jolin Tsai’s excitement captured as she visits giant pandas during concert tour in China


    23rd September 2023 – (Chengdu) Jolin Tsai, the Taiwanese pop diva, took a break from her busy concert tour in mainland China to visit giant pandas. In a heartwarming display of enthusiasm, Jolin was captured by netizens mingling with other tourists as she excitedly filmed the pandas on her phone. This down-to-earth gesture from the renowned singer surprised fans, who were delighted to see her enjoying such a simple pleasure.

    Jolin’s encounter with the pandas was documented by netizens who couldn’t resist capturing the moment. The photos show her amidst the crowd, raising her phone to capture the adorable pandas. Her lack of any diva-like behaviour impressed many, as she blended in with the other visitors to get a closer look at the beloved animals.

    After the encounter, Jolin took to social media to share a short video of the pandas. She expressed her astonishment at the experience, writing, “It feels so unreal,” accompanied by multiple heart emojis. Her joy was evident, and fans were thrilled to see her embracing the moment with genuine excitement.

    Netizens couldn’t help but comment on Jolin’s relatable presence among the crowd. Some jokingly remarked, “Now Jolin understands how it feels for us in the audience during her concerts, packed shoulder to shoulder!” Others noticed the cute panda hair accessory she was wearing and praised its adorableness.

    While Jolin is widely recognised for her illustrious music career, her impromptu visit to see the pandas showcased a different side of her personality. Fans appreciated her down-to-earth nature and the way she embraced the opportunity to enjoy a simple pleasure amidst her hectic schedule.