Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai trades luxury boutiques for supermarket shopping in Paris


    3rd March 2024 – (Paris) In the aftermath of her enjoyable skiing trip in South Korea, Taiwanese superstar Jolin Tsai has arrived in Paris, where she attended fashion week events as a brand ambassador. Upon landing, she displayed a down-to-earth demeanour, taking the time to sign autographs for fans, engage in casual conversations, and graciously accept gifts. Before boarding her vehicle, she even struck a confident pose, capturing a picturesque moment of the sunset, which she promptly shared on social media to update her devoted followers.

    Meanwhile, her studio captured a glimpse of her relatable daily routine in Paris. Surprisingly, Tsai’s first activity in the city was a trip to the local supermarket. Dressed casually, she wandered through the aisles, carefully selecting ingredients. Known for her love of baking elaborate cakes, it turns out that she has recently developed a fondness for making soups. In a humorous twist, her studio playfully noted that she was “not making soup,” leaving fans both amused and puzzled. Comments flooded in, suggesting that the weather called for a hearty pumpkin soup and playfully questioning if she had forgotten to bring a pot.