Taiwanese legend Jimmy Lin and Hong Kong singer Vivian Chow reunite after 30 years


    20th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) 49-year-old Taiwan’s everlasting heartthrob Jimmy Lin and the 56-year-old Hong Kong Queen of Pop” Vivian Chow surprised fans recently by reuniting after a 30-year gap. Lin took to social media to share a photo of their unexpected encounter, expressing his excitement at the long-awaited reunion. He described Chow as a goddess in the hearts of many, stating that she is the true embodiment of the “Queen of Pop.” Lin reminisced about their past collaborations, recalling the time they worked together on promotional campaigns, offering mutual support and encouragement. The memories they created together were preserved in various promotional materials. Lin concluded his message by wishing Chow a joyful and healthy future.

    Chow, in response, expressed her gratitude to Jimmy, regardless of whether they have future opportunities to meet. She emphasised the importance of taking care of oneself and extended her blessings for happiness and well-being to him and his family.