Taiwanese fugitive found deceased in abandoned eatery at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport

26th February 2024 – (Bangkok) On 25th February, a male body was discovered with three bullet wounds to the head in a derelict restaurant at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. Featuring distinctive tattoos and a traditional Chinese character inked on his arm, tattoo artists identified the man as Taiwanese.

The Thai police have confirmed the identity of the deceased and are currently seeking his next of kin. The cause of the crime remains under investigation. The Criminal Investigation Bureau of Taiwan has been notified and has confirmed that the deceased was a wanted fugitive.

Local media report that Thai authorities were alerted to a male corpse within the confines of a disused dining establishment at the airport. An initial examination revealed gunshot wounds to the victim’s head, with three bullet entry points. Brain matter and bloodstains were found at the back of the restaurant, indicating the man was shot before his body was moved inside the structure.

The motive and identity of the perpetrator remain unknown. However, a Pattaya tattoo parlor recognized the victim as a Taiwanese national who had previously patronized their establishment.

The body bore multiple tattoos and the deceased wore distinctive rings on his fingers. He had no identification on him, only 3,181 Thai Baht in cash.

On 26th February, Thai officials confirmed the deceased as 44-year-old Shih Mou Chiang, a Taiwanese national on the run after being issued an arrest warrant in Taiwan for robbery and firearms possession. Authorities discovered a package of ketamine, weighing approximately half a kilogram, at the scene.

The Criminal Investigation Bureau in Taiwan has verified that Shih Mou Chiang was indeed the fugitive in question, wanted since 8th February after an issued warrant by the Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office for his involvement in a robbery and possession of firearms. He had fled to Thailand, with the full circumstances and sequence of events leading to his death yet to be determined.

Thai police are making efforts to contact relatives or friends of the deceased. Following leads, they have identified a suspicious vehicle and are in pursuit of potential suspects.