Taiwanese celebrity Aaron Yan sentenced to 7 months in prison for filming and distributing sexual content involving a minor

    Aaron Yan

    30th May 2024 – (Taipei) Taiwanese actor and singer Aaron Yan, known for his prominent role in the entertainment industry, has been sentenced to seven months in prison with a suspended sentence of three years. Yan was charged with the production, intent to distribute, and possession of sexual images involving a minor. The case revolves around allegations made by internet personality Raku, who accused Yan of secretly filming and leaking explicit videos when Raku was just 16 years old.

    Today, the Shilin District Court delivered its verdict in the high-profile case. Yan has been granted the option to pay a fine in place of serving the prison term. The fine amounts to NT$1,500 per day, and Yan can opt for this alternative punishment. However, he will remain under probation for the next three years, during which time he will be subject to supervision and must fulfill the conditions outlined in the mediation records. Yan’s associate, identified only as Mr. Chen, has also been sentenced to four months in prison with the same option to pay a fine.

    The entire case can still be appealed, leaving the possibility of further legal proceedings.

    Last year, Raku accused Yan of engaging in a non-consensual sexual relationship when Raku was 16 years old and of secretly recording the encounter. Furthermore, Yan allegedly shared the video with two acquaintances. In July of the same year, following an investigation by the Shilin District Prosecutor’s Office, Yan was ordered to post a bail of NT$500,000 and was restricted from leaving the country.

    The prosecution later revealed that in December 2017, Yan and Raku had engaged in intimate activities, with Yan filming the encounter. Subsequently, Yan intentionally possessed the video with the intent to distribute it, sending it via the messaging app LINE to two unidentified individuals.

    In September 2018, Mr. Chen, a close friend of Yan, downloaded the private video from the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) and shared it with Yan, who retained the footage.

    In November of last year, Yan was indicted under charges of possessing and distributing sexual images of a minor, while Mr. Chen was charged with the unwarranted possession of sexual images of a minor, according to Article 39, Section 1, of the amended Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act.

    In March of this year, the case had its third court hearing, after which Yan stated, “Both parties have reached a satisfactory resolution with utmost sincerity.” The details of the settlement amount remain undisclosed, although rumours suggest it is a seven-figure sum in New Taiwan dollars. However, Mr. Chen has not reached a settlement with Raku due to his unwillingness to admit guilt.