Taiwanese band Mayday triumphs amidst controversy, live broadcast of Paris concert draws over 60,000 online fans


    8th December 2023 – (Paris) Mayday, the sensational Taiwanese band, finds itself embroiled in a lip-syncing controversy, as it remains under investigation by mainland Chinese law enforcement authorities. In order to provide evidence of their live performances, Mayday has made the decision to transform their Paris concert scheduled for the early hours of 8th December, Hong Kong time, into a live broadcast. This move has attracted over 60,000 eager fans online, showcasing the band’s unwavering appeal despite the ongoing scandal. Lead vocalist Ashin, aiming to prove his genuine singing abilities, passionately belted out songs during the performance, at times even dropping to his knees in an emotional display. The concert lasted a remarkable three hours, and before concluding, Ashin delivered a heartfelt confession that moved thousands of fans to tears.

    During the middle of his performance, Ashin noticed a group of fans in the rock zone holding up a sign that read, “Five scumbags, return my girlfriend.” In a lighthearted manner, he quipped, “Cover them up (referring to the five scumbags). They have already been heavily criticised on the internet these past few days,” making a self-deprecating reference to the lip-syncing controversy. He further expressed his emotions, stating, “Being a fan of a musician depends a lot on fate. Sometimes, an artist you didn’t like years ago becomes your favorite. Mayday always tells ourselves to strive for the best, to be better with each performance.” With a choked voice, he concluded, “When there is no one standing by my side in the world, you are there for me. And when there is no one standing by your side, please remember that Mayday will be there for you,” successfully evoking a passionate response from the thousands of fans in attendance.