Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu confirms divorce from husband Sean Lee in social media statement

    Vivian Hsu

    10th December 2023 – (Taipei) In a recent social media post, Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu, known for her roles in various films and TV shows, announced her divorce from husband Sean Lee, a Singaporean businessman. The couple, who had been married for over nine years, expressed their gratitude for the growth and effort they had put into their marriage. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to overcome their differences. After careful consideration and rational and amicable discussions, they made the difficult decision to end their marriage. Both Hsu and Lee emphasized their commitment to co-parenting their beloved child in the future and pledged to continue providing their utmost love and care. In order to protect their families and avoid unnecessary repercussions, the couple stated that they would no longer comment on the matter. They expressed their appreciation for the support and understanding they have received from the public and extended their good wishes to each other and everyone involved.

    Rumours of Hsu and Lee’s divorce surfaced unexpectedly in recent days. It was reported that they had signed the divorce papers last month, officially ending their nine-year marriage. According to sources, the couple faced challenges due to Hsu’s successful career in Taiwan, which made her reluctant to move to Singapore, where Lee manages his business. The couple’s long-distance relationship and incompatible personalities added strain to their marriage. Furthermore, the recent controversy surrounding Hsu’s alleged involvement in the marital issues of singer Wang Leehom contributed to their decision to separate. Their son will continue his education in Singapore while they navigate their new roles as co-parents.

    Signs of the impending divorce were evident prior to the official announcement. Hsu had previously posted on social media, stating, “I’m not happy now,” implying her emotional struggles related to the divorce.

    Hsu and Lee’s relationship began in 2013 when they met during the filming of a movie. The couple got married the following year after discovering their compatibility. However, their marriage faced financial challenges when Lee encountered debt and financial difficulties. It was rumoured that Hsu’s return to the entertainment industry was motivated by the need to help her husband repay his debts. They endured this difficult period together. The COVID-19 pandemic further complicated their relationship when Hsu was unable to return to Singapore after working in Taiwan. This marked the first prolonged period of separation for the couple. Additionally, during this time, Wang Leehom’s alleged infidelity scandal emerged, with Hsu being falsely implicated as the third party. Hsu issued multiple statements denying any involvement, and her husband publicly supported her, vowing to protect her from harm. Eventually, misunderstandings were cleared up, apologies were made to those affected, and Hsu resumed her career with concerts and performances. However, despite these efforts, their marriage ultimately faced irreconcilable issues.

    Interestingly, during the height of Wang Leehom’s divorce controversy, a local Taiwanese tarot reader predicted on the show that Hsu might face divorce within three years, citing the impact of her marital fortunes. This prediction has now become a reality, seemingly confirming the accuracy of the prophecy.