Taiwanese actress Shu Qi faces setbacks in film career due to funding issues


    24th May 2024 – (Taipei) Taiwanese actress Shu Qi faces repeated obstacles in her acting career, with recent reports suggesting that her collaboration with popular mainland Chinese actor Jackson Yee in a new film has been halted due to funding issues. Adding to her recent woes, Shu Qi found herself in an awkward situation during a recent event in Italy when a Japanese model attempted to upstage her, leaving her with no choice but to hide her discomfort behind a forced smile. Whether in her home country or abroad, it seems that Shu Qi has been grappling with challenges and setbacks.

    Shu Qi and Yee previously worked together in a sci-fi suspense film in mainland China, marking their second collaboration since the successful “A Self-inflicted Whistleblower” released several years ago. However, recent rumours suggest that the production of their latest project has been temporarily halted due to issues with the film’s funding. If the financial problems remain unresolved, it is speculated that the final instalment of Shu Qi and Yee’s remuneration could be at stake.

    In recent years, Shu Qi has encountered various obstacles in her acting career. In May of last year, she starred alongside mainland Chinese actor Lay Zhang in a movie, which, similarly, faced production delays due to funding issues. The film’s production team disbanded immediately, and the project was abandoned, leaving Shu Qi and her colleagues in a state of uncertainty. Five months later, another film in which Shu Qi had invested significant time and effort, was put on hold after renowned Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-Hsien retired due to his battle with Alzheimer’s disease.