Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling celebrates 49th birthday and shares rare family photo


    30th November 2023 – (Taipei) Renowned Taiwanese actress, model, and television personality, Lin Chi-ling, celebrated her 49th birthday yesterday. Taking to social media, she expressed her gratitude for the well wishes from her fans, stating, “Thank you all for your blessings! My sincere birthday wish is for the health and safety of those around me, and for everyone to be happy.”

    In a surprising move, Lin Chi-ling also shared a rare family photo, featuring herself, her husband, and their son. While the image had emoji symbols covering her son’s face, it was evident that the nearly 2-year-old boy has grown remarkably tall. With long limbs and a height that appears to be that of a 3 to 4-year-old, he undeniably inherits his mother’s excellent genes for long legs.