Taiwanese actress Bea Hayden shocks fans with dramatic transformation using beauty filter during live stream

    Bea Hayden

    20th May 2024 – (Taipei) At 40, Bea Hayden, a Taiwanese actress of mixed heritage, continues to captivate audiences across China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Married into one of Hong Kong’s most illustrious film dynasties through her union with Jacky Heung, son of film mogul Charles Heung, Hayden’s life is a blend of glamour and public fascination.

    Recently, during a live stream, Hayden turned off the digital beauty filters, revealing her natural beauty, much to the delight of her fans. This incident highlighted her genuine attractiveness, which often appears even more striking without digital enhancement. The episode has sparked discussions about the authenticity of public figures in the age of social media.

    Hayden’s popularity soared after her role as the literary beauty in the hit series “Tiny Times,” and she hasn’t stepped out of the spotlight since. Her participation in the reality show “Ride the Wind 2024” (also known as “Sisters Who Make Waves – Season 5”) further solidified her status as a beloved celebrity. Her performance of the theme song from the drama “Story of Yanxi Palace” during the show was particularly praised for its classical allure.

    An amusing moment occurred during a live session with fellow contestant Shang Wenjie, where Hayden, unfamiliar with the streaming controls, accidentally applied a beauty filter, making her features unnaturally sharp and prompting a surprised reaction. She quickly adjusted the settings, preferring a more natural appearance.