Taiwanese actor Mike Ho’s Taipei residence searched and mobile phone confiscated

    Mike Ho

    24th May 2024 – (Taipei) Taiwanese actor Mike Ho, has recently been reported to the Taipei Songshan Police Station after someone filed a complaint against him. Following the inquiry, the police have transferred the case for investigation, and the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office has listed Mike Ho as a defendant. According to reports from Taiwanese media, this morning (24th), Taipei police executed a search warrant at Mike Ho’s residence in the Minsheng community in Taipei City and confiscated his mobile phone. Currently, Mike Ho is occupied with filming and has conveyed through his production team, “Thank you for your concern. We will cooperate with the investigation.”

    Based on various accounts from Taiwanese media, it has been revealed that the police have seized relevant evidence, but there have been no reports of Mike Ho being summoned or detained today. The Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office has stated that due to the involvement of personal privacy in this case, they are unable to disclose the details of the charges against Mike Ho and the circumstances surrounding them.

    Regarding the background of the accusations against Mike Ho, different accounts have emerged in Taiwanese media. Liberty Times reported that it is believed to be related to a dispute between Mike Ho and a female PR employee at a hotel last year, resulting in her filing a complaint. However, CTI News has claimed that the case may be connected to recent revelations from paparazzo Ryan Ko, who exposed Mike Ho’s alleged involvement in a kissing incident with a hotel employee on three occasions. Nevertheless, further clarification is still required to establish the exact details of the case.

    In response to the search conducted at Mike Ho’s residence and the confiscation of his mobile phone, his manager informed the China Times that they are not yet aware of the situation. Additionally, given that Mike Ho is currently busy filming a new drama, any disturbances at this time would affect the production team. Therefore, they will inquire about the specifics of the situation later on.