Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung surprises fans with unforeseen marriage announcement in Japan, revealing identity of “bride”

    Ko Chen-tung

    26th February 2024 – (Taipei) Taiwanese actor and singer Ko Chen-tung, known for his successful career in the entertainment industry, has always been in the spotlight, with his every move closely watched by fans and the public. His romantic relationships have garnered significant attention as well. However, in a recent unexpected turn of events during his trip to Japan, Ko took to social media to announce his marriage, catching everyone off guard. He even flaunted a ring on his left ring finger, instantly sparking curiosity about the identity of his “bride.”

    The revelation unfolded as Ko expressed his deep admiration for the Japanese anime series “Furien” in recent times. To showcase his love for the character “Furien,” he shared multiple photos of the character on his social media accounts. In his posts, Ko wrote, “I can only express my affection for it through this post!” and “I have found the motivation I needed to share.” Interestingly, the ring he wore in the photos turned out to be the same design as the one worn by “Furien.”

    Ko Chen-tung, born as Ko Chia-kai on 18 June 1991, has made a name for himself in the Taiwanese entertainment industry as an actor, singer, and film director. He gained recognition and won the Best New Actor award at the 48th Golden Horse Awards and the 12th Chinese Film Media Awards for his outstanding performance in the film “You Are the Apple of My Eye,” marking his debut in the film industry. Additionally, Ko released his debut studio album, titled “Be Yourself,” in November 2011.

    While Ko’s professional achievements have been commendable, his personal life has not been without controversy. In August 2014, he made headlines when he was arrested by the Beijing Police for drug use, along with Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan. The incident occurred despite Ko’s previous participation in an anti-drug campaign in Taiwan, where he and other celebrities declared their stance against drug use. After being released in late August, Ko faced further investigations by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office upon returning to Taiwan.