Taiwan to request extradition of soldier suspected of desertion from China

Chen Chia-hsun

18th March 2023 – (Taipei) Kinmen prosecutors in Taiwan have reportedly issued a warrant for the immediate arrest of a soldier, identified as Chen Chia-hsun, who was suspected of desertion. According to recent reports, the soldier, who was stationed at the island of Erdan in Kinmen County, was reported absent from the morning roll call on 9th March. Further investigation revealed that he voluntarily swam towards the Chinese province of Fujian and was subsequently apprehended by the Chinese coast guard.

Prosecutors are said to be requesting the extradition of Chen from China and have issued an arrest warrant that is valid for 20 years. Their preliminary investigation, which included a visit to the island of Erdan on Friday, indicated that Chen may have fled due to financial difficulties, although concrete conclusions could not be reached as he was unavailable for questioning.

Disciplinary issues, relationship problems, and suicidal tendencies were all ruled out as potential motives, according to investigators. Additionally, no accomplices have been implicated in the case.