Taipei restaurant serves ramen dish with giant isopod as a topping


23rd May 2023 – (Taipei) A Taiwanese restaurant, The Ramen Boy, has announced a new ramen dish featuring giant isopod, a deep-sea crustacean. The dish is made by removing the stomach viscera of the isopod and steaming the remaining meat in the shell. The restaurant claims the white meat tastes like lobster and crab, and the yellow glands taste like sweet crab paste.

The dish costs NT$1,480 (US$48) and is only available to regular customers due to limited supply. Animal Planet Taiwan responded to the announcement, providing information about giant isopods, which are solitary creatures that inhabit depths ranging from 170 to 2,140 meters.

They are carnivorous animals that feed on marine organisms and prey on slow-moving marine life. The specimens served in the restaurant were caught near the Dongsha Islands.

Picture source: The Ramen Boy/Facebook
Picture source: The Ramen Boy/Facebook