Taipei couple found dead in apparent murder-suicide

Zhong 3rd Street in the Xizhi district

6th December 2023 – (Taipei) A married couple was discovered dead in their bathroom, with their throats slit. The victims, identified as 31-year-old Mr. Lan and his wife, Ms. Chen, resided in a unit on Zhong 3rd Street in the Xizhi district of New Taipei City. Mr. Lan’s mother lived in a separate unit downstairs.

The distressing discovery was made on December 3rd when Mr. Lan’s mother noticed that her daughter-in-law had not come downstairs for breakfast or lunch, which struck her as unusual. Concerned, she decided to investigate and went upstairs. To her horror, she found her daughter-in-law lying motionless in a pool of blood in the bathroom, with a knife nearby. Alarmed, she immediately contacted the authorities. Local law enforcement and emergency medical personnel rushed to the scene and determined that both the husband and wife had sustained fatal throat wounds. Their bodies had already begun to stiffen, indicating that they had been deceased for some time.

However, the angle and direction of the fatal wound on the wife’s neck did not align with self-infliction, raising suspicions that her husband may have been responsible for her death. Further evidence supports this theory, as there were no signs of forced entry into the apartment, and no indications of a struggle. These factors have led investigators to rule out the possibility of an outsider committing the crime.

Mr. Lan’s father revealed that just two days before the incident, he had seen his son and daughter-in-law reading scriptures before going to bed. He expressed disbelief that such a tragedy could befall his family, as there were no reported arguments or financial issues between the couple. However, it was noted that both individuals had a history of mental health struggles and had sought medical assistance in the past. It is suspected that their long-standing psychological challenges may have contributed to their decision to end their lives.