Tai Wo Estate security guards stand firm against disruptive youth


6th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Photos circulating online show that last Friday evening, 2nd June, several young people wearing black clothes visited one of the buildings in Tai Wo Estate in Tai Po, claiming that they wanted to visit someone. The security guard asked them to register their personal information, but they refused. After being denied access to the building, the group of young people began making a scene in the lobby, and some became agitated and damaged the security guard’s signboard. The security guards remained calm and called the police for assistance, and the police arrived and recorded the personal information of the youths present. The male who damaged the property expressed willingness to compensate for the damage caused. The incident ended peacefully, and many netizens praised the security guards for their handling of the situation.

Earlier, residents of Tai Wo Estate reported that on Friday, at around 11.16 pm, they saw four young people, two men and two women, enter a building and demand to visit one of the units. The security guard asked for their personal information, but the young people refused to cooperate. After several minutes, three more young people arrived in the lobby, and one of them claimed to be a resident of the building and also refused to register. They began shouting and causing a disturbance. The estate’s control room was informed of the situation, and personnel were dispatched to the lobby to reinforce the security guards and investigate. However, one of the young people suddenly became agitated and damaged the security guard’s post and plastic signboard.