Tai Wai dessert shop seeks customers who left without paying for HK$85 bill


2nd March 2024 – (Hong Kong) A dessert shop in Tai Wai publicly released CCTV footage in search of two individuals who dined and dashed after consuming desserts worth a total of HK$85. The footage, accompanied by a humorous narration, was shared on the shop’s Facebook page, with the intention of playfully reminding the culprits to settle their bill. However, as of the evening of the 28th February, the shop had not received payment for the outstanding amount.

The video clip quickly gained attention online, sparking criticism towards the two men involved. Some netizens expressed their disdain, questioning the integrity of the individuals, stating, “So, their integrity is only worth HK$85?” and “How can both of them conveniently forget to pay at the same time?” They concluded that it was a deliberate act to dine and dash. Nevertheless, others focused on the amusing narration, praising the professionalism of the voiceover artist, and suggesting he try his hand at interview voiceovers.

The CCTV footage captured the two men entering the shop and sitting near the cash register. They ordered two desserts, amounting to a total of HK$85. However, the footage revealed that while one of the men kept a watchful eye on the shop staff, the other quickly finished his dessert and began gathering his belongings. The man in question then left the shop, followed closely by his companion, both leaving without any intention of paying. The sugar shop decided to publicize the faces of the two men and their bill, in a well-intentioned effort to remind them to settle their debts promptly.

The highlight of the video was undoubtedly the narration. The shop did not express anger but instead used a composed and rhythmic tone to describe the events. Phrases such as “the two diners finally make their entrance” and “planning their escape route” were used in a comedic manner, capturing the attention of viewers.

Many netizens, however, seemed to have focused on the narration rather than the incident itself. They praised the professionalism of the voiceover artist, referring to him as the “professional narrator who was delayed by the dessert shop” and commending the clarity in portraying the characters and the process of the incident. Some even suggested that he should consider pursuing voiceover work for interviews.

While some users shared their own experiences of forgetting to pay, speculating that it could have been an innocent mistake, others strongly rebuked the two individuals, criticising their lack of integrity. Comments such as “These adults are shameless,” “It’s evident that they intentionally dined without paying,” and “It’s disheartening to see that their integrity is only worth HK$85” flooded the discussion.

Some netizens suggested that the dessert shop should report the incident to the police. However, the person in charge of the Facebook page pointed out that apprehending the culprits in dine-and-dash cases is often challenging and that they did not wish to waste taxpayers’ money on such matters. Others recommended displaying their faces at the entrance or collecting payment upfront to protect the shop’s interests. However, the shop stated that due to operational procedures, implementing such measures would be difficult.