Tai Mo Shan hike in Hong Kong


Standing at 957 metres, Tai Mo Shan is the highest peak in Hong Kong, visible from many parts of the city, often shrouded in stratus clouds. Despite its height, Tai Mo Shan is easily accessible on foot and offers sweeping views of green landscapes to photograph and explore.

The MacLehose Trail Stage 7 goes through the big Shing Mun Country Park to the east, and Stage 8 goes on Tai Mo Shan Peak. Stage 7 is rugged hiking on uneven stone steps and dirt track along ridges. But the scenery is amazing as you follow the top of ridges across towards Tai Mo Shan. There are wide expanses of seemingly dry land.

Section 8 is a good hiking trail whether there are blue skies or misty dark fog all around. The runoff and quality of the soil allows only grass to grow. This is what allows for the excellent to the horizon scenery as you walk with blue sky or clouds overhead.

The MacLehose trail in this area should only be attempted if you are in shape and your legs are strong. The mountain is in the center of the the trails north of Kowloon in North-Central Hong Kong.

Getting to the top: To hike to the top of Tai Mo Shan, you can start from the Shing Mun Reservoir by walking along a closed road called Tseun Wan Tai Po Road. When you get to the pass, there is a long flight of steps. Keep following the path on a plateau. The path then declines, and then winds upwards without steps. You can get to near the summit of Tai Mo Shan, but because there is an installation at the top, you can’t legally mount the peak.

How to Get to Maclehose Sections 7 and 8

To go directly to the MacLehose Trail Sections 7 and 8, you could take Minibus 82 that runs from the Tsuen Wan Station. Get off at the final stop near Lead Mine Pass. There is a park bathroom and campsite there.