Tai Mo Shan nears record low with 1.8°C freeze, HK Observatory cuts Saturday’s forecast to 9°C

Tai Mo Shan

1st March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Temperatures across Hong Kong plummeted to chilling lows, with the Tai Mo Shan area recording a low 1.8 degrees Celsius. The Hong Kong Observatory has revised its forecast for the coming Saturday, predicting urban areas to brace for minimum temperatures dipping to 9 degrees Celsius.

As the city wrapped itself in layers, the observatory issued a cold weather warning, effective through the evening of the first of the month. At approximately 7pm, urban districts experienced temperatures falling below the 11-degree mark, edging toward a 10-degree descent, thereby surpassing the previous low of 11.1 degrees set in March 2018. This brings about the coldest March in nearly eight years.

At 8pm, the Observatory disseminated a special weather tip-off, highlighting significantly lower temperatures at higher altitudes that may lead to icy conditions. A cautionary note was extended to citizens, drivers, and cyclists to be wary of slippery roads, with an additional reminder to ensure warmth, paying special attention to the elderly and chronic disease patients.

Attributable to the influence of the northeast monsoon coupled with a vast belt of cloud and rain, the coastal areas of Southern China are expected to remain cold with sporadic showers. Responding to the evening’s temperature fluctuations, the Observatory adjusted its forecast at 7.50pm, reducing the anticipated minimum temperature in urban areas tomorrow from 10 to 9 degrees. This adjustment marks the second revision since the afternoon and is set to break the 2016 record of the lowest March temperature of 10 degrees, making it the coldest March since the 8.1-degree record in 2010.

As night fell, urban districts saw temperatures continuously decline, with a 7.30pm recording of 10.6 degrees, which further slipped to 8.4 degrees approaching 8pm. Tai Mo Shan’s drop to 1.8 degrees was accompanied by cooler readings in Ngong Ping and Tate’s Cairn, which recorded a low of 5 degrees.