Tai Kwun collaborates with The Electric Canvas for InnerGlow 2024: Dragon Tales and InnerGlow Searchlight


23rd January 2024 – (Hong Kong) InnerGlow, the highly anticipated annual event, is set to make its return this Friday coinciding with the first full moon of the year. This year, InnerGlow presents Dragon Tales, a captivating showcase that pays homage to Hong Kong’s rich cultural heritage. Additionally, Tai Kwun will extend the event to the Prison Yard, hosting InnerGlow Searchlight, a groundbreaking mentorship programme in collaboration with The Electric Canvas, aimed at fostering artistic experimentation among students.

Tai Kwun, in close partnership with The Electric Canvas, renowned creators of mesmerising architectural projection mapping spectacles, has curated an exceptional programme for this year’s InnerGlow. Drawing inspiration from Hong Kong’s intangible cultural treasure, the Tai Hang Fire Dragon, the Parade Ground performance of Dragon Tales promises to showcase the city’s distinctive visual identity in a truly remarkable way.

Expanding the horizons of InnerGlow, the event will now encompass the Prison Yard, where InnerGlow Searchlight, an innovative mentorship initiative, will take place. This extraordinary programme invites students specialising in art, creative media, film, and design to unleash their artistic potential under the expert guidance of The Electric Canvas and Tai Kwun. The participants will have the opportunity to reimagine, refine, and expand their artistic practice within the expansive and dynamic creative workshop space that the Prison Yard has been transformed into.

InnerGlow Searchlight aims to nurture emerging talent and provide a platform for students to explore new artistic frontiers. The mentorship programme encourages participants to push boundaries, experiment with different mediums, and bring their creative visions to life. By collaborating closely with The Electric Canvas and Tai Kwun, students will benefit from the invaluable expertise and guidance of industry professionals, enabling them to elevate their artistic prowess and refine their artistic voices.

Date: 26th January – 14th February 2024


Parade Ground: 6.30–9pm (Every half hour)
Prison Yard: 6.45–9.15pm
(except 10th–11th February)

Venue: Tai Kwun Parade Ground & Prison Yard

Free admission