Tai Chi rock band member, Gary Tong dies of heart attack at 57


    3rd March 2021 – (Hong Kong) Tai Chi rock band member Gary Tong was found unconscious at home yesterday and died at the age of 57. Tang is a music producer and musician in Hong Kong. His cousin, Jones Lee, a local actor confirmed the news of his death yesterday. He said it should be due to a heart attack but Gary had quit smoking earlier. Another Tai Chi band member Joey Tang said: “I feel so sudden. Gary Tong would definitely don’t want them to be sad, because he was an optimistic person.”

    Tai Chi  is a rock band formed in Hong Kong in 1985 by Patrick Lui (lead vocalist), Albert Lui (lead vocalist), Joey Tang (guitarist), Gary Tong (keyboardist), Ernest Lau (guitarist), Eddy Sing (bass guitarist and backing vocal), and Ricky Chu (drummer). They are joined by the 1980s “Band-booming Era” along with Fundamental, BeyondTat Ming Pair, Blue Jeans, Small Island, Raidas, Citybeat. Tai Chi is well known for their catchy and modern tunes. They are still active to date and have a large base of fans.