Syrian First Lady’s gorgeous female bodyguard goes viral, once defeated five Japanese karate champions


30th September 2023 – (Hangzhou) During Asma’s visit to Beijing Foreign Studies University on the 26th, her stunning female bodyguard unexpectedly caught the media’s attention with her “sharp gaze” and commanding presence. She even became a trending topic on Chinese social media.

According to reports from Chinese media, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma al-Assad, who haven’t visited China since 2004, have once again embarked on a journey to the country. Asma’s elegant and graceful demeanour has caused quite a stir wherever they go.

Taking advantage of this rare visit to China, Asma paid a visit to Beijing Foreign Studies University on the 26th. She warmly greeted and interacted with the students, shaking hands and exchanging greetings.

Standing by Asma’s side was a female bodyguard dressed in a blue suit, with her hair neatly tied up. She had a delicate and sharp appearance, and her gaze was intense. While Asma interacted with the students, the bodyguard closely monitored their actions. If anyone’s behavior seemed out of line or if they lingered for too long, she would step in and ensure that Asma didn’t spend too much time with the general public. When others exhibited inappropriate behaviour, she used her gaze to intimidate them.

Her confident and professional demeanour has captured the attention of netizens. Some praised her as being “beautiful, stylish, and radiating charisma,” while others remarked that her demeanour resembled that of mainland Chinese actress Zhao Liying.

It is understood that this female bodyguard’s name is Yan Yuexia. She has been practicing martial arts since childhood, participating in numerous competitions and winning numerous awards. After graduating from university, she successfully passed the assessment of the Security Bureau of the Central Office of the Communist Party of China, and became one of the personal guards of national leaders in China. She was responsible for protecting Asma during the Syrian President’s visit to China.