Sweet interaction with Irene Wan in ‘Lonely Eighteen’ movie: Rachel Lee sheds 20 pounds in six months

    Rachel Lee and Irene Wan. Picture credit: Numberonepr/Instagram.

    26th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Irene Wan, the 57-year-old Hong Kong actress, held the premiere of her new film “Lonely Eighteen” today, in which she serves as both producer and lead actress. The movie is a semi-autobiographical work by Wan, based on her own coming-of-age experiences. Wan, accompanied by other actors and actresses, attended the premiere and gave interviews.

    During the interview at the premiere, Irene Wan revealed that “Lonely Eighteen” had been in the making for five years. She shared that she has a strong affinity for coming-of-age stories, as they can explore different eras and topics, and everyone’s eighteenth year is unforgettable and profound. Regarding the film, which revolves around the growth of several female characters and features a cast of female actors, Wan expressed her desire for more films in Hong Kong that focus on women. She stated, “I hope Hong Kong can have more films with female-oriented themes! Most of the films here are male-dominated, so I want to cheer for women!”

    The film takes audiences back to the 1990s, reminiscing about Hong Kong’s film industry during that era. Rachel Lee, another actress in the film, recalled with a smile, “When I first met Irene, I hadn’t even started acting yet. She took me around and treated me to meals. I truly regarded her as my big sister. Later, I found out that we were the same age, but she played adult roles! She even tortured me for a few months!” Irene Wan also expressed her appreciation for the valuable experiences they shared when they were young, starting their careers together and living together. She felt that there was no better choice than Lee to portray her best friend in the film.

    Lee arrived at the premiere wearing a low-cut, floor-length dress in lake green, while Wan dazzled in an orange-red backless outfit, each showcasing their unique beauty. Lee’s recent weight loss was evident after donning the dress, and she explained that the past few years of pandemic and personal challenges had made it difficult for her to control her emotions. However, after completing the filming of Leslie Cheung’s music video in March this year, she felt motivated to make a change. She exclaimed, “No way! How could I continue acting when I’m this overweight? I started my weight loss journey from March until today!” She further shared her remarkable achievement of losing 20 pounds in just six months. Irene Wan remarked, “I can see the image of your past self again!” Lee attributed her weight loss to exercise and dieting and jokingly added, “I lost an additional two pounds!”