Suspicious woman trailing and approaching children at Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong Cheung Wah Kindergarten in Fanling


10th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong Cheung Wah Kindergarten in Fanling, was recently shaken by a concerning incident. Yesterday, a K1 student was reportedly followed by an unidentified Mandarin-speaking woman. In response, the school administration issued a special notice to all parents, urging them to exercise extra caution when picking up and dropping off their children. To ensure the safety of the students, local law enforcement authorities have deployed additional patrols near the campus.

Tsui, a concerned parent, recalled the unsettling encounter with the suspicious woman, saying, “I noticed a peculiar woman in her late twenties who was constantly tailing one of the students. She spoke Mandarin and followed the child wherever they went.” Sensing something amiss, Tsui approached the child’s parent to inquire if they knew the woman. However, the parent denied any familiarity, prompting Tsui to immediately call out to the student while attempting to capture the woman’s appearance on her phone. Unfortunately, the woman quickly fled the scene.

Describing the incident, Tsui revealed, “I spent a couple of minutes with the child, and the woman kept trying to engage the child by clapping her hands and saying ‘great job, great job’ in sign language. However, the child didn’t respond, probably not understanding her.” Tsui found it challenging to determine whether the woman had a mental health issue or had malicious intent, stating, “As soon as I reached for my phone, she walked away, avoiding the camera, with a smile on her face.” Before leaving, she appeared to exchange a glance with a man behind her, raising suspicions of potential accomplices. “Another mother saw a man, but I couldn’t see him as he was behind me,” Tsui added.

Lee, another parent whose child was trailed, shared a similar experience. She recounted an incident from last week and the previous month, both involving a male individual. While passing through the Fanling town centre over a month ago, Lee and her daughter were persistently followed by the individual. She expressed her frustration, saying, “He followed us across the road, continuously tailing us. I even informed the local authorities!” The person remained silent during the encounter. In recent days, the same individual reappeared, prompting Lee to seek assistance from bank staff to deter him while she and her daughter were passing by.