Suspicious car collides with police vehicle and escapes in Kowloon City


28th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Kowloon City witnessed a disturbing incident in the early hours as a private car collided with a police vehicle and managed to escape the scene. The incident occurred around 3am today when law enforcement intercepted a private vehicle in Kowloon City. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the private car rammed into a police vehicle and another commercial van before swiftly accelerating away. Alerted by the commotion, the police officers immediately notified their superiors and initiated a pursuit.

Subsequently, the authorities located the suspect vehicle near Kam Shing Road Recreation Ground in Beacon Hill. However, upon inspection, the vehicle was found abandoned without any occupants. The rear of the car was dented, with visible external damage to the left front section, indicating significant impact. Forensic experts were called in to collect evidence such as fingerprints and other trace materials from the vehicle. Meanwhile, the officers conducted a thorough search of the car to determine if any prohibited items were present and to gather leads on the individuals involved in the incident.

A witness captured a video clip from a dashboard camera, which revealed a police patrol car, with its distinctive blue flashing lights, coming to a stop in the middle of Shek Ku Lung Road. During this time, a white private car was obstructed by the police vehicle, taking advantage of the moment when a female police officer had stepped away from her car. The private car abruptly rammed into the left side of the police car’s door but failed to dislodge it. However, the impact did succeed in pushing aside a nearby commercial van. As the events unfolded, a police officer armed with a baton positioned himself between the police car and the private vehicle, repeatedly striking the left window of the car while shouting, “Don’t go!” Shortly after, additional officers rushed to the scene, cautioning, “Stay alert! Stay alert!” Suddenly, the private car shifted into reverse gear, accelerated backwards, and forcefully collided with the police vehicle, swiftly fleeing the scene. In response, a large number of officers quickly evaded the oncoming car, avoiding any injuries. Several officers gave chase on foot, but the video clip concludes at this point.